Form 1

Form 1 at Russell House is equivalent to Reception. Learning takes place using lots of practical, hands-on activities and the children are encouraged to work hard, receiving praise and stickers. 

The timetable in the mornings is structured with specific Maths and English slots, while learning remains active and fun. For example, concepts of ordinal numbers are much easier when you're taking part in a race, playing Grandmother's Footsteps or using your paper aeroplanes to see which goes the furthest. 

The chance to use the class clipboards always delights the children. They take them out to record their findings on scavenger hunts around the school grounds, carry out traffic surveys, or look out for different shapes and materials.

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The children proved extremely adept during their first session of coding in The Hub this week. 

Mrs Cooper

Growing herbs and vegetables in the outside classroom provides plenty of opportunities for learning. Recent harvests have included potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and beans. Who would have imagined apple crumble and custard would be the class's favourite pudding, after travelling from apple trees in the school grounds to the lunch table in a single morning!

Pre-Prep traditions such as the weekly assembly continue, with children presenting their artwork or performing short plays about what they have been learning in class. They have weekly visits from our specialist French teacher, learning songs and useful words and phrases assisted by a big teddy - Camembear! They use Chromebooks in our ICT hub and have regular games and music lessons, also with specialist staff. Weekly swimming sessions are also introduced from the beginning of Form 1 which the children thoroughly enjoy.

During the afternoons, children can choose to play in different areas of the classroom, indoors or out. They may also create artwork, sometimes taking inspiration from artists like Van Gogh or Matisse.

Come and see us or have a look at our most recent activities.