Activities in Transition are creative, inspiring and fun. The class provides a gradual transition for children between the play-based learning of the Nursery and more teacher-led experiences in Form 1.

The best place to discover the variety of activities in Transition is through our News pages, where you can read reports of activities week by week and enjoy pictures taken in class. Of course, we'd love for you to come and see us so do book a tour or sign up for our next Open Morning.

In the Transition class we deliver a broad curriculum which covers all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our class is well resourced and provides the children with plenty of opportunities to explore and investigate. The theme of child-led experiences is continued from our Nursery and Robins classes and we also begin to sprinkle in adult-led activities to begin to build on our focus and concentration. 

Our days are filled to the brim with activities in our class and general school events! We love to make the most of our covered outside space and are often out exploring the stunning grounds which surround our school. The children enjoy using these opportunities to spot wildlife such as birds and insects. This helps to create a natural curiosity about the surrounding environment. We encourage the children to ask questions and exercise their ability to do things independently.

As part of our preparation for Form 1 and further learning, we introduce letter sounds in this class. A key part of our teaching incorporates phonics into everyday activities to help support the children’s learning and development. Our weekly letter sound provides us with a focus for the week and allows the children to become familiar with sounds. This supports the children as they move into Form 1 and begin their journey of reading and writing. Our Transition class provides a big turning point in a child’s journey through Pre-Prep.

We welcome the same children into class each morning of the week and this gives individuals a real sense of being a part of a community. This is the first class where the children will wear school uniforms which is always such an exciting and proud moment for everyone. It's an extraordinary class to be a part of and we aim to provide children with a solid foundation of skills which can be built upon as the children develop throughout their time at Russell House. 

Come and see us in action or have a look at our most recent activities.