Sport report: Football and Hockey

Reports on the latest matches, as written by Russell House players.


U10/11A v Lingfield College: The first match of the term was against Lingfield College. We started off well, with Georgina scoring the first goal and we were winning at half-time. Sadly, we ended up losing 6-2. Mia and Georgina scored a goal each. Clara was an amazing goalkeeper and stopped a lot of goals. She was the player of the match. Although we lost, we showed great teamwork and learnt a lot for our next match. Mia
U10/11B v Lingfield College: We did our best but lost 4-1. We could have improved our defence by always keeping one defender by the goal. We also could have spaced out a bit and always kept one attacker in the opponent's goal. The player of the match was Sophie. Grace
U10/11C v Lingfield College: On the whole, there were lots of great skills from both teams. At the end of the match the score was 0-3 to Lingfield College. Our goalkeeper did a great job of protecting the net, both wings did amazingly and I think that overall we played well. Anaya
U9A v Rose Hill: We won 1-0 and Jessica got player of the match. Zoey had amazing passing, Anya was amazing at tackling, Annabel was good at defending the goal and she scored, Isabella was good at passing, Rosie was amazing at stopping people getting on goal, Amelie was good at tackling. Jessica
U9B v Rose Hill: On Thursday the Under 9B team played hockey against Rose Hill in Tonbridge. Bella and Clara did a fantastic job in defence, with Caitlin, Lucy and Alba each scoring a goal for Russell House. The final score was 3-1 to us and Imogen got player of the Match.  Everyone played a great game and so did Rose Hill. Imogen
U8 v Rose Hill: The match ended with a 2-2 draw. I think we all played our hardest, and everyone was excellent. Russell House had lots of chances to score in the first quarter, but it was Rose Hill that scored first. In the second quarter, Bluebell scored a goal that went through the opposition's legs and into the goal. By the third quarter Rose Hill and Russell House were spreading out much more and they were trying to pass to each other but still trying to score - Kiki was playing very well and hit the post. Isla made some amazing passes, but we just couldn't receive them! Then Rose Hill scored again and we didn't think we were going to win. Rose Hill scored but because it was a shot from outside the D it was not a goal. With ten seconds to spare, Bluebell dodged a few tackles, running around the pitch, and scored the last goal of the match. We drew our first match. Good game, everyone. Bluebell


U10/11 A v Hilden Oaks: A 3-0 win to Hilden Oaks was disappointing since we beat them last year, but we played good football and tried to the best of our ability. My player of the match was Sammy, for fantastic wing play and really committing to his position and sending beautiful pacey runs and crosses into the penalty box. I also have to give some credit to Ollie L's amazing goalkeeping! Hugo

U10/11B v Hilden Oaks: We played against Hilden Oaks and unfortunately lost 4-0. Arty played in goal for the first half and made some great saves. Formation was 1-3-2-1 for the first half. There were great tackles from Harry and Austin with some good passing. Oscar was great in goal in the second half, Edward was defending and then attacking in the second half. The other team had a better strategy which is why I think they won, we will try harder next time. Edward
U9 v Bickley Park: On Thursday we played an away game against Bickley Park. We won 9-1 Kit scored 3, Arlo scored 2 Charlie scored 3 and Jake scored one. Next game we are going to try and do even more passing and play more as a team. Henry
U8 v Bickley Park: The final score was 1-5 to Russell House. Anthony scored 1, Euan scored 1, William scored 1 and Harry scored 2. We had great defending from Eloi and Rowan. In the midfield, we had William, Euan and Harry. Upfront we had Anthony and in goal we had Theo. These were our positions for the first half. In the second half, we had Euan and Harry in defence, William in goal, Anthony out left and Theo on the right. Eloi played in midfield and Rowan was upfront. Anthony