When it all clicks into place

Mr McCarthy is inspired by the Rubik's Cubes enthusiasts at Russell House.

Spearheaded by a young man in Form 6, Rubik’s Cubes and a number of variations have made a welcome return to our School. I have even watched and marvelled at a cube being completed with one hand in under two minutes!

Like a cube, there are millions of possible combinations and interactions at Russell House, or indeed any organisation, and I sometimes feel like we are trying to complete a puzzle as we constantly aim for the perfect solution to running our school.

Of course, perfection of this kind could only ever be transient, if it exists at all, but we all felt we got very close following the recent ISI inspection. To have been identified as having a significant strength, where pupil behaviour is considered exemplary to the point where our pupils are enabled to thrive at our school, was heart-warming to say the least.

We are well aware of the new and devious puzzles, metaphorically speaking, that look set to come our way as the country goes to the polls later in the year. Yet still, I am confident that we will grapple with and work them out as we always seem to do and so continue to provide the excellent experience that is a Russell House education.

Mr Craig McCarthy