Really, really, really fun!

Last Friday, Form 5 had a camp out at the school...

Actually, it turned out to be more of a camp in, as these children explain:

At Form 5's camp, I liked that we played a lot of teamwork activities and had competitive challenges with our Houses. We roasted marshmallows on the bonfire (my favourite part), even though it was raining. The camp was really, really, really fun, though we did not get much sleep. Some people stayed up all night. We played a lot of dodgeball and sardines. I enjoyed how most of the activities were to do with teamwork and getting to talk to people we normally didn’t talk to. The camp was extremely exciting and full of surprises. I thought that because it was raining, the camp wouldn’t be as fun, but we had an amazing time. It couldn't have been any better!" Emily 

"Form 5 camp was great. It was really fun and also very educational. It was a great experience, and I am sure everyone agrees. Unfortunately, it was inside because of the rain, but it was still fun. It was a good opportunity to spend time with our friends while at the same time having a fantastic time. I particularly enjoyed toasting marshmallows. Also, the games we played were fun, competitive and very enjoyable. Putting up the tents was hard, but we got there eventually. Only a few people got to sleep as we were all up the whole night. Breakfast was a selection of toast or cereal. We ended the camp with a choice: cricket or a game of your own. Then we played dodgeball and - unfortunately - were picked up. I wanted to stay. Thank you to the teachers for arranging this. It was so much fun." Arthur 

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