It's electrifying!

Form 3 have been learning about static electricity and circuits.

The children had an electrifying science lesson, discovering the power of static electricity and how circuits work. In Humanities, they went back in time becoming archaeologists and historians while learning about pyramids. They are each creating a powerpoint full of facts and information, and have made their own pyramids.

In English the children have been learning about tenses - past, present and future. They have been writing sentences about the lost penguin and his journey to the South Pole.

Meanwhile, in Maths the children have exploring addition. They have been trying different ways to add 2- and 3-digit numbers together. Column addition is their favourite.

The focus in French has been on colours, and they can now recognise and read the words for a whole range of colours in French. The children conducted a survey and asked each other what their favourite colour was : "Quelle est ta couleur préférée?" The favourite colour in the class was "bleu"!


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