Habitats and Horton Kirby

Form 3 have enjoyed a visit to Horton Kirby for a Nature Day. 

We learned about habitats and the types of creatures that would make the Education Centre their habitat.  We saw a badger set and several bird nests.  We also looked at putting animals into categories and finding vertebrates and invertebrates. We had great fun pond dipping; finding newts and tadpoles.

In English, we have started our new book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have described Charlie Bucket using expanded noun phrases and have designed a chocolate palace. 
In maths, we have been rounding two and three digit numbers to 10 and have participated in the inter house maths challenge.  Well done to our winners Fry.
In science, we have been learning about Urban Habitats.  The children searched the grounds of Russell House for animals that make their home in the towns.
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