Looking for right angles

Properties of materials and of 2D shapes have been a focus for Form 3 this week.

In Science, the children explored the different materials used to make everyday objects. They discussed the properties of materials such as metal, wood, plastic and rubber and linked this knowledge to why each material had been chosen to make a specific item.

Form 3 also learnt about the difference between a natural material and a man-made material. They investigated whether objects around the school were from man-made or natural materials and presented their findings in a bar chart.

In Mathematics, Form 3 have been learning about the properties of regular polygons. The children can name a variety of 2D shapes and have been sorting shapes by their properties, presenting their findings in a Venn diagram. They have been finding right angles all over the classroom and identifying the lines of symmetry within shapes. 

In English we have used The Yeti and the Bird as a starting point for writing our own version of the story. Form 3 have thought of their own characters and settings and have begun to plan and write their own stories. 

Finally, rehearsals for the Christmas play continue to go well and I am very pleased with Form 3’s efforts to learn their lines and the songs. 

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