How long is that?

If you want to know the length of something in your classroom, just ask Form 3.

In English, Form 3 have continued to plan and write their own versions of the story The Yeti and the Bird. They have thought of some wonderful innovations for their stories, setting it in locations such as the ocean, the rainforest and the desert. I have been very impressed by ideas for the different characters they introduced to their tales, which include a shark, a mouse, a parrot, a sloth, a blue whale and a tiger. 

In Maths, we have been exploring measure. The children have been looking at different units of measure when finding capacity, mass and length and explored the various units we use to measure length. They estimated the length of objects in the classroom and then accurately measured the item to see how close their estimate was. They developed their reasoning skills by explaining whether the length of an object should be measured in mm, cm, m or km.

Rehearsals for our Christmas play continued this week and Form 3 were very excited to rehearse songs for the play on the stage. 

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