Enchanted woodlands

Transition has been enjoying a magical week in school! Our theme for the week has been all about Enchanted Woodlands

We were surprised to arrive at school on Monday to find sparkles and flower petals around a miniature table and chairs in the corner of the classroom! Some of the children thought that it could be the classroom fairies again who have visited Transition once before! We set out on an adventure to the forest in search of the fairies, being careful to keep a lookout for trolls and cheeky elves along the way! It was very exciting to find some fairies hidden in the forest. The children made some lovely fairy houses for them using sticks and other natural materials. After returning to the classroom, some children chose to draw pictures and write letters to the fairies whilst others continued to hunt for clues around the classroom and outdoor area!

Spotting the fairies got us thinking about woodlands and plants and animals that grow in the springtime. We have shared lots of lovely stories this week including ‘The Tiny Seed’ and ‘Greta and the Giants’ to understand woodlands and how we can care for the nature around us. We spent some time looking at the pea plants that we planted last term and talking about the changes that we could see in them. All of the children worked very hard to create their own plant picture and add labels for each of the parts of a plant! Some children could even tell me what the roots, stem, leaves and flowers do to help the plant grow.

We have been very busy during our playing times, playing fairy houses, printing symmetrical butterflies, creating magical wands, gardening in the mud kitchen and, as always, building some fantastic constructions in our outdoor area.

The children enjoyed learning about which creatures hibernate during the winter in the Autumn term and so we revisited some of our prior learning to remember which animals hibernate and what they would be doing now, as we move into Springtime and the (hopefully) warmer weather!

Our letter sound for this week has been ‘w’. I have been blown away by how brilliantly our new children have picked up our letter sound routine. Everyone was full of ideas for words beginning with ‘w’ including wand, worm, watermelon and wheel!

We have also been focusing on careful counting in our maths circle times. The children have been playing a fun game where we roll a dice and try to count out the correct number of counting bears. It can be tricky to count slowly and carefully, but Transition are getting to be super counters now!


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