Sport report: Hockey & Football

Reports on recent hockey and football games, as written by Russell House players.

U10B v Radnor House: In today's match we won 3-0! To achieve this, we worked as a team. Georgia scored two goals and the other team accidentally scored for us, but we all worked together to defend and pass the ball up the pitch. I was lucky enough to get player of the match, which I’m really grateful for. Overall we all played fantastically. Hermione 
U11B v Radnor House: We had a great hockey match against Radnor House and we drew 2-2.  Everyone worked really well as a team and helped each other play their best.  Aimee, Clara and Grace did some great defending.  Anaya, Amelia and Lucy made some lovely passes. Isabelle scored the first goal and Lucy scored the second, thanks to everyone in the team for setting up the shots. The player of the match was Grace. I think that this was one of the best games we have played, because we supported and encouraged each other. Isabelle


U8A v St Michael's: Mr Trigger asked us to start on the front foot and score the first goal, so Euan was first to score in the first minute. This was followed by goals from Harry, William and Anthony. The final score was 6-0. We intercepted the ball very well, but need to continue to work on passing and on our aim. St Michael's had some good strikers, but we kept tackling them so they could not score. Harry
U8B v St Michael's: The score was 3-0 to us. It was a great match. My players of the match were Theo and Finlay, who was in goal. It was a brilliant match. Theo scored two goals and Ben scored one also. For the next match, a few of the boys will work on their stamina to maintain their energy better. Ben 
U10/11A v Rose Hill: As soon as all the boys had got onto the field, we all realised that it would be a tough match in windy and rainy conditions. We played our first half against Rose Hill's B team. The first half ended 0-0 and we missed lots of good opportunities. In the second half, we changed line-ups to a 1-3-2 and it worked. We won 3-0! Kamran scored a bottom corner finish, Felix with a tap in and Freddy beating 5 players, scoring a wonderful finish! We also played against the Rose Hill A team and in the first half we trailed by 2 goals. Hugo did amazingly well in goal, saving two certain goals. In the second half, things didn't improve enough, and we conceded two more goals and were grateful again to our goalkeeper, Oliver L, who pulled off some unbelievable saves. After the wet and cold conditions, we were all thankful to go inside. Henry 

U10/11B v Rose Hill: Score 2-2. We played Rose Hill's C and D teams for 20 minutes. James scored a cracking goal and Oscar did as well. The weather was awful during the match. It was raining quite a bit and was pretty cold, but we pushed through it and the result was a draw. We hit the post 4 times, Oscar hit it twice, Arty hit it once and Oliver C hit it once as well. Harry
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