Sport report: Netball & Rugby

Sport reports for recent games and tournaments, as written by Russell House players.

U8/9A v Caterham: We had a brilliant netball match on Thursday and we came away very happy with our win. The score was 8-3 to us. Annabel scored 6 goals and Lottie scored 1 goal. The whole team worked so well together and we all showed some excellent intercepting and moving to receive a pass. Well done, girls. Anya
U8/9B v Caterham: We all worked really well together as a team with our marking, defending and passing. Alba and Amelie were able to get past the goalkeeper and goal defence to score lots of goals. Caterham were a good opponent but we won 4-3. Amelie was the player of the match. Isabella
U8/9C v Caterham: It was an excellent game and we all played well and had fun. There were some good passes and attempts at goal by Evie, Imogen and Clara. Bluebell, Olivia and Isabelle were really good at passing. Caterham were a strong side and we didn't manage to beat them but we all enjoyed ourselves. Imogen  
U11 ISA London South Netball Championships and Regional Qualifier: The U11A team had great pleasure in playing at Wellesley Haddon Dene for the ISA U11 Netball Tournament. For our first match, we played Wellesley Haddon Dene and we won 2-0. Then we played West Lodge, which we won 2-1. After that, we played Bishop Challoner, where we drew 1-1 and, finally, Oakfield Prep where we narrowly lost 1-0. After finishing second in our group, we then qualified through to the quarter finals where we played St Faith's. We won that match 4-1, which then put us through to the semifinals. We were up against Western Green School, who proved to be our toughest opponents yet (and they went on to win the tournament). We lost that match 7-1. Finally, we then went on to play West Lodge again in the third / fourth place playoff. Unfortunately for us, we didn't manage to beat them again, which meant that we finished in fourth place. However, we were delighted to be told that the top four teams had qualified through to the ISA U11 National Netball Finals next month. Grace
U10/11B v Steephill: The B-team did very well, we won 5-1. Isabelle and Georgia scored, with Nandin making some incredible interceptions. Clara made some incredible passes and was amazing at getting into space in the Circle. Player of the match was awarded to Aimee. Isabelle
U10/11C v Steephill: We played Steephill and won 12-1. The player of the match was Catherine. Anaya scored 9 goals, Isla scored 2 and Lucy scored 1. Our passing in the game was really good and we jumped for the ball a lot when the other team was passing it. We marked our players really well and we all tried to get the ball back down to the goal. We pivoted so we could throw down the court and we cleared spaces so the ball could be caught easily by our teammates. Our team work was much better and we all tried really hard.
U9 v Sevenoaks Prep: The game started off tight, but we started to pull away and eventually dominated the match, winning 10-2. Everyone played well, especially with passing and catching, and nearly everyone scored a try too. The player of the match was Kit but everyone played very well, especially Noah who made around 30 tackles! Arlo
U8A v Sevenoaks Prep: The score was 14-5 to Sevenoaks Prep. Euan was player of the match and scored 4 tries whilst William got 1. We played well, but I think we could improve by not running across and running straight, not getting sucked in and leaving gaps. The opposition were very good on the day. Anthony

U8B v Sevenoaks Prep: It was tough from the start, as they were fast and organised. We didn't manage to score a try in the first half and it was hard to catch them. They scored lots of tries.  In the second half, we played much better and scored 4 tries. Ben and Finlay got 1 each and Rowan, who was voted player of the match, scored 2. It was not enough to catch up with them though and the game ended 10 - 4  to Sevenoaks. Rowan
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