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Sport reports of recent games and tournaments.


To say that it has been a phenomenal season of gymnastics for Russell House is an understatement. After representing the South East region at the British Schools Gymnastics Association U11 Milano Team Trio National Finals, the U11 Boys, Mixed and Girls teams are now the overall National Champions and the U11 Boys team placed 3rd. Every Russell House gymnast can be extremely proud of how excellently they represented not only our School, but also the entire South East region of England. Read more.


U10/11B v Solefield: This match was a great game and important to the season because if Russell House won, we would remain unbeaten for the season. We ran up the slope in the first half and had a narrow advantage. In the second half, we started to pull away and won 16-8. In my opinion, Harry was my player of the match as he gave his all no matter how tired he was, and he scored one of the best tries I've seen. James  

U10/11A v Solefield: This was a tough physical match which, despite our best efforts, we narrowly lost 6-8. Oliver L, Kamran and Barney each scored 2 tries apiece. I think Oliver L was the star player because, in my opinion, he was also making the best tackles and Kamran was a close second as he made two brilliant try-saving tackles to keep us in the game. Oliver C
U9 v Solefield: This was an exciting game and Solefield were tough opposition. Lots of tries were scored and the final result was 13-8 to Solefield.  I was proud of our tackling and Jake made some amazing runs. We worked well as a team and didn't give up, even when we were behind.  My player of the match was Jake. Kit

U8A v Solefield: The score was 10 - 10. The try scorers were William (3 tries), Harry (2 tries), Anthony (1 try) and Euan (4 tries), including the try in the last second to tie the game. The player of the match was Euan, who was very good at running quickly up the field. Eloi
U8B v Solefield: We won in the last second of the game with a try by Finlay. The score was really close: 8 - 7. The player of the match was Finlay. The people that scored the tries were: Theo, Finlay, and Markus. We did a good job in defence and linked up when attacking. Markus


16 girls participated in the U11 & U10 Swimming Gala against Walthamstow Hall. Everyone put lots of effort in and swam really well, especially as this was some people's first ever gala. There were front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke races as well as developmental races that focused on leg propulsion only. We all supported each other and cheered each other on. It was a lot of fun and the hard work paid off as the result was a win for us.
Grace & Nandin


U9 Netball Tournament at Royal Russell: We started the match amazingly and our passes are improving every time we play. This time we won all of our matches and placed 1st overall. We are good at moving into space and passing very far, but remembering that the ball has to land in the centre third. Annabel, Jessica and Zoey were our star players. Rosie 

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