Sport reports: Rugby & Netball

Russell House players report on recent matches and tournaments.


U10/11A v Walthamstow Hall: We rotated different players in four different quarters. In the first quarter, Bella played very well and in the second quarter, Grace played so well even though she was injured. In the third quarter, we all played brilliantly and in the fourth quarter we all tried very hard. The final score was 11-5 to us. Player of the match was Bella and she thoroughly deserved it. Isla R







U10/11B v Walthamstow Hall: We all worked very hard and we really enjoyed playing. The final score was 5-7 to Walthamstow Hall and Isobel was our player of the match. Amelia

U11 IAPS Netball Tournament: On Tuesday 27th February, we travelled to Hurstpierpoint College for the Regional IAPS Netball Championships. Luckily for us, it was a beautiful day and we were all excited to play a whole day of netball. We were placed in Pool C and we had to play four matches in the qualifying round. We won two and lost two, which put us third in our group. This meant that we then went through to play in the quarter-final of the Plate Competition, which we were delighted about. Unfortunately for us, we didn't manage to win that match so we didn't progress to the semi-finals. However, we had a brilliant day of netball and we are now focusing on our next big tournament, which will be the ISA U11 National Finals in a couple of weeks.
U10/11A v Sevenoaks Prep: We won 10 - 1 and Annabella and Georgie scored our goals. George got player of the match and I think she deserved it as she was always getting the ball when the opposition was shooting or just passing and was getting it down the court very quickly. I noticed that we were passing really quickly, so the opposition couldn't intercept, and so we got the ball down the court really fast. Every time Bella got the ball she was always landing with her feet quite wide apart so as to get her balance and not do bad footwork. I'm very proud of everyone on the team and how we worked as a proper team to get us a win. Beatrix
U10/11B v Sevenoaks Prep: It was an amazing and very competitive match, but even though we didn’t win, we tried our hardest. The final score was 5-2 to Sevenoaks Prep and Mia got player of the match. Mia H
U10/11C v Sevenoaks Prep: The score was 2 - 1 to Sevenoaks Prep and, although we narrowly lost, we still did brilliantly. Anaya scored our goal and Lucy did a great job at helping her with the rebounds. Overall, we did a great job and we look forward to playing them again. Isla M
U9A tournament at Sevenoaks School: We went to a netball tournament at Sevenoaks School and we played incredibly well. In the group stages, we played so well and we finished second place in our group. We went through to the knockout stages and we finished in an amazing third place. We all played very well and we did really well at getting the ball up the court. Well done Russell House! Annabel


U10/11 B Team v Sevenoaks Prep: Both teams played very well and it was a very close game. In the first half, we scored 5 tries and Sevenoaks Prep scored 3 tries. In the second half, we scored another 5 tries and Sevenoaks Prep scored 6 tries. We only dropped the ball a few times. We scored a try when there were only 2 minutes left and we nearly scored in the last few seconds too. Harry P
U10/11 A Team v Sevenoaks Prep: It was an incredible game, 10-7 to Sevenoaks prep. One of the best rugby matches we have ever played in during my time in Russell House. Solo runs from Kamran, Barnaby and Oscar provided a certain strength in attack. Also, there were powerful performances by both Ollies in the nerve-racking defensive zones. Henry, Edward and Oscar were brilliant in all positions. Overall, a great performance by the boys and I am firmly looking forward to wearing the Russell House colours next season. Hugo P
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