The lion inside

It has been a wild week in Transition!

We began the week by making binoculars and heading out on a safari around the school grounds. We spotted lots of different animals including lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, elephants and rhinos. At each animal that we found, the children carefully listened to an interesting fact file to learn more about each animal.

We read a funny book called Flip Flap Safari where you can make some very silly animals! We made a flamodile which had the head of a flamingo and the body of a crocodile and an elebra which had the head of an elephant and the body of a zebra! The children each chose which mixed-up animal they would like to make and carefully drew a picture and wrote the name of their made-up animal!

The children enjoyed spending some time watching some African drumming on the computer. It was lovely to hear each child use a sentence stem; I like/ don’t like the drumming because… All of the children had brilliant reasoning including it is very fast, I like hearing the patterns and it makes me feel sleepy! Having a go at using the drums definitely did not make anyone feel sleepy! The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring different ways that they could hit the drum to make loud, soft and quick sounds!

All of the children have created a repeating pattern giraffe this week, carefully alternating between orange and brown to build the giraffe's neck. We have also been exploring animal print patterns and matching the pattern to the animal. We enjoyed a lovely storytime reading, The Lion Inside, which helped us think about times when we felt brave and times when we felt scared.

Transition were very excited to get to join Form 1 in their games lesson with Mrs Curling and Mr Trigger to begin to practise our Sports Day races. The children all showed brilliant listening skills and did a great job at staying in their lane during their races.

Once again, we have been treated with some fantastic constructions in our outdoor area this week as well as lots of interest in creating bubbly tea in the water tray and creating homes with the safari animals small world play.


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