Little hands, BIG things

Materials, the environment, 3D-shapes and St George all feature in this week's report from Form 1.

This week has been very much about the children experiencing lots of different materials to help them understand more about the reducing, reusing and recycling processes. I am delighted that it is a topic in which the children are showing great interest and enthusiasm.

It is a sign of the times that they are already quite knowledgeable about the importance of helping planet earth, and it is a challenge in which they know they can actually take part. The display of their work entitled Our hands may be little, but they can do BIG THINGS really means something to them all.

Our walk around the school with clipboards and tick lists looking for different materials has given the children a real hands-on experience to help them understand their immediate surroundings. It is, of course, a great preparation for more in-depth work on how to reduce, reuse and recycle different materials, and they have been sorting a variety of materials into different categories.

Maths work this week has centred on 3D shapes and the children have loved making cones, cylinders and pyramids almost totally by themselves. I started by showing them the net of each shape. Then they had to work out what 3D shape could be made from each net. It was wonderful to hear them coming up with ideas and explaining their reasoning. By actually seeing the net and then making the shapes gave them insight to their various properties. And, of course, without any prompting, once they had made their shapes they immediately thought of ways they could be used in their play! Lots of fun and masses of learning.

I just had to include some photographs from their work at the end of last week on St George’s Day. They were so enthusiastic and excited about making puppets to act out the story of St George and the Dragon, as well as making the English flag. However, their amazing shields proved to be the hit of the week.


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