A trip to Little Street

This week in Form 1 we have continued our Farm topic using our story What the Ladybird Heard as a stimulus for the theme.

On Monday, the children developed their descriptive language skills by writing wanted posters for the two burglars in the story, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh! We gathered descriptive words for each of the characters and then used them in simple sentences. The children drew some excellent pictures of the burglars and included lots of details. The posters look lovely and the sentences were really effective. Well done Form 1!

On Tuesday, we had a really exciting trip to Little Street. The children were so excited to travel on the minibuses and have the whole of Little Street all to themselves! Form 1 loved dressing up in lots of different costumes, playing in all the various areas and generally having a fantastic time together. They certainly made use of everything on offer. A big thank you to all the staff at Little Street who made it such a special experience for the children.







In maths this week, the children have continued with the theme of sharing, but this time by learning how to halve and quarter a shape. The children have been learning how to find half and quarters of a shape by folding paper circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Remembering that all the pieces must be of equal size is linked well to the idea that when we share we are always fair and they were really confident to use the correct vocabulary.

The children have been creative this week and made their own 3D paper models of plants. We looked really carefully at all the different parts of a plant and the children were careful to include them all. We used wool for the roots and added real grass seeds in the centre of the flowers. The challenge for the children was to think about how to approach this activity and how to join all the elements together. They did really well and we now have a classroom full of little flowers.

The children extended this learning and drew diagrams of plants on Thursday. They used rulers (a skill that is trickier than it seems) to draw the arrows and then labelled their plants carefully. Some children drew trees, strawberry plants, tulips and sunflowers. The children's sunflowers have started to sprout and we were able to look at the roots and stems. Each day the children are excited to see how much their sunflower has grown and notice the changes.

We have also looked at farms in different countries and discussed why we can not always grow everything in the UK. It was interesting to discuss how the weather and seasons vary in different parts of the world and it was a great opportunity to remind the children of our work on continents. The children were surprised to find out how far some food has to travel to get to the supermarkets and we discussed air miles and carbon footprints.

Another wonderful week of learning in Form 1!


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