Imagine if...

Form 2 have been turning the world upside down with their imaginations.

The children are enjoying writing animal facts, greeting this weekly lesson with enthusiasm. This week's chosen animal was an elephant, making us experts in elephant knowledge! Did you know that elephants have 40,000 muscles in their trunk?

Then we went onto writing amusing poems called Imagine if…. These are some of thei children's funny ideas:
Imagine if the sea was made out of jelly.
Imagine if you could walk on your head.

We enjoyed sharing our ideas with the class, and it caused a lot of laughter.

In Maths, the children explored even and odd numbers, investigating what happens when they add two even numbers and two odd numbers. Then they looked at adding an odd and an even number. 

In Science, Form 2 have been watering the beans which are growing very nicely. We still can not tell which one is magic though! We must just be patient. The children labelled parts of a plant and enjoyed drawing plants in the shade outside.

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