Alliteration laughter

A great, busy, fun-packed week in Form 2.

This week the children have been writing some factual writing about penguins. We looked at a PowerPoint presentation, then the children discussed additional information that they knew and wrote some very interesting sentences. The children loved writing alliterations about other children in the class. There was a lot of laughter in Form 2.

Form 2 have also designed their own Google slides about animals. They have changed the text size and colour and written some information about their animals. The children have also inserted many pictures onto their slides.

In science, the children continued their investigation to identify different materials that are most suitable to be waterproof. They then went on to learn about where different materials originate from.

The children have been working on consolidation time using o’clock, half past and quarter past. They enjoyed playing games on the interactive board, using a 100-square and whiteboards. Well done, Form 2.


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