Time for caring

Form 2 are learning about time, caring for pets and nurturing their cress plants.

This week the children wrote about how to look after a pet using modal verbs. They acted out caring for their pet by giving their pet water, food, care and love. They then wrote instructions on how to care for a pet of their choice. We hope they don’t all ask for new pets now!

Form 2 continues to care for their cress seeds, which is causing a lot of excitement in the class. The seeds are growing very well and so far they are all surviving the experiment. Some of the children are talking to their cress to help it grow faster. They are also discussing how to look after the world and they enjoyed designing their posters.

In maths, the children are learning and consolidating the time. They are using the class clock now for quarter past and quarter to. Well done!

In science, the children experimented with string telephones to see what happened when the string is taut and when the string is floppy. They learned how sound travels through an ear and they labelled a simple diagram to demonstrate this.

Our friendship soup continues to bubble away in the classroom and it is being added to by many different teachers. During parent consultations, a parent placed a pinch of pride in the soup. What a lovely addition! Perform visited Russell House and the children enjoyed acting out many different fun activities in the Drama4ALL workshop.

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