A giant discovery

On Thursday, something very strange happened in Form 2!

A note and several items of clothing were left in the Form 2 classroom. The children searched around the room and they found a huge coat, a dirty shoe and a huge teddy bear. Then, by chance, Form 2 found a note from the Giant. It was very exciting. Form 2 had to think of a plan to help George return his lost items. We will let you all know if we are able to help George.

In humanities, the children talked about their favourite book. They discussed why they liked the book and why it was special to them. The children then looked at a Bible and we talked about why some people think that the Bible is a special book.

The children performed their humanities assembly to Main School and Pre-prep. They were amazing as they all spoke so clearly and confidently. A very big well done!












In mathematics this week, the children have been working really hard with their times tables, money and sequencing. They have also looked at number lines and they had to put in the missing numbers. Wow! Some amazing work going on in Form 2!







In science, children continue to learn by pulling and pushing. They investigated many different ways in real life that you may push or pull.

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