Sport report: Rugby

A round-up of recent rugby matches, as written by Russell House players.

U11 v Bickley Park: This game didn't go in our favour as we lost, but we still played really well. Just because we didn't win doesn't mean that we didn't play well. I thought that we played very well. It was our first rugby match since last year and this was also our very first match playing with U11 rules, which meant that you could kick and that there were two people allowed to go into a ruck and maul. Dexter was the man of the match as he got the only try for our team. Charlie 
U10 v Bickley Park
We played a great first game today. Ollie L scored the first 2 tries and then Barny scored another 2, followed by Henry and Kamran. Felix did some excellent tackling, but we need to work on straight passing as a team. Also, we need to just take the tackle down, but we will get better as the term goes on. Well done boys.
Oliver C
U9 v Bickley Park: Russell House started the match well. We scored a try very early on in the game. Bickley Park scored shortly after and it was an even game up until half time when the score was 2-2. During the second half of the match, there were 3 tries scored and Bickley Park won the match 4-3. The team played well, especially James out on the wing and Ash was very fast. We were very unlucky to lose the match. Sammy
U8/9 v Bickley Park: The weather was not that cold, but it was raining a bit and the ground was very soft. In the first half, we scored first with Freddy getting three tries. The opposition scored one try.  Arty was trying his best to score a try and he nearly did. Henry G was always looking for a pass and supporting the team. In the second half, we scored four more tries and Bickley Park School scored 3 more. Arty played well, always catching and passing the ball when it got passed to him. Although Freddy had a great game, scoring seven tries, the man of the match is Arty because he was setting up tries and assists for tries. Harry
U8 v Bickley Park: Our first rugby match went really well.  We played great as a team with some very good passing. The score was 6-3 to Russell House. Zachary scored 2 tries, Noah scored 3 tries and I scored 1 try. It is tough to choose one man of the match as everyone played so well, but my two standout players are Noah and Zach. I really enjoyed the match and being team captain. Kit
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