Sport report: Netball

A round-up of recent netball games, as written by Russell House players.

U11 Sevenoaks School Tournament: We did exceptionally well. We started with our pool matches and we came second because we won 2 and lost 1 match. We then went on to play in the semi-finals and we tried our hardest, but unfortunately we didn't win. We then carried on to play for 3rd or 4th place and after the match we got our results. We all played very well and we came 4th. When they announced the results, Lexi was also awarded Outstanding Player of the Tournament. Well done to everyone and especially to Lexi.
U10/11B v Rose Hill: We played against their A team, so it was a tough match for us, but we played incredibly well. The score was 9-1 and our goal was scored by Scarlett, who was amazing as goalkeeper and she made many interceptions. Kayla also had some good defence as well. I think we could improve by marking our players more tightly, but otherwise he had a great match.
U10 v Rose Hill and Derwent Lodge: We played four matches in a Netball Triangular tournament. We won two and lost two of the matches. We scored nine goals, with Issy scoring two and Mia scoring seven. Everyone did very well in passing and marking. Bella was very good at getting away from her marker. Grace did very well at intercepting the ball and Clara was great at blocking. Mia was chosen as player of the match, and to everyone for great teamwork. Mia
U9 St Michael's Tournament: We set off for our first netball tournament of the year very nervous and a bit excited. The first match was close, but Ashford School beat us 1-2. We lost the second game 0-2, but played brilliantly in the third, winning 3-0 with, Georgia scoring an 3 amazing goals. Even though we worked very hard we lost our fourth match 0-1. The last match saw us win again, scoring 2-1 against Sevenoaks Prep. We all played so well, but especially Georgia for her goal scoring and Sophie for her quick passing. We had a great afternoon. Well done everyone. Georgie
U8A v Rose Hill: We did so well and we worked really hard. We saved so many goals and shot lots too, but sadly we did not get the shots in the hoop. Next time we will work on our shooting, but other than that we did so well. Getting the ball was the best thing we did. Well done to Annabel for making some really good passes, to Alba for making some really lovely shots at goal and to Jessica, who tried really hard to get the ball to Zoey. The player of the day was Annabel and the final score was 0-0. Jessica
U8B v Rose Hill: The Score was 1-0 to Rose Hill. It was a great match. Everyone played really well and enjoyed themselves. We made lots of chances, but we could not quite score. We can't wait until the next match. Anya
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