Sport report: Rugby

Reports on the latest matches by Russell House players and we welcomed guest coach, Jamie Cullen, to the fields for a training session.

U8 v Sevenoaks Prep: We played Sevenoaks Prep School at home and the score was 9-6 to us. It was a very tough choice, but man of the match was Jake who ran very strongly. Everyone played very well. Zachary
U8/9 v Sevenoaks Prep: Even though we lost overall we did have some great performances against our rivals, Sevenoaks Prep, and we are very proud of our team for the way they played. Arty was particularly good at running forward, but we are still working on spreading out and passing. At half time, we were behind but during the second half we managed to score some great tries and the final score was a respectable 9-11 to Sevenoaks. Freddy
U10 v Dulwich Prep: The matches were split into four parts and we played each sub-team twice as Dulwich Prep had a very large squad. It was eight a side and each team was very competitive. Kamran scored 2 tries very early in the match and Felix, Oliver and l were making some great tackles and scoring lots of tries. Henry, at one point, tackled the biggest player in the team! The other team played very well and one of their squads had some players who were nearly faster than our fastest player. We played well in most aspects of the game, such as tackling, scoring tries and forming backlines. In the end, we won 20-19, and we were rewarded by a delicious match tea. I would like to thank Mr Plant, for driving the minibus, and Mr Falconer, for allowing me the chance to be captain. Austin
Guest coach Jamie Cullen: A big thank you to Jamie Cullen, Sevenoaks School Head of Rugby, for running a training session with our players, focussing in on skills. In addition to his role within school rugby, Jamie also has extensive playing experience. He progressed through the ranks with Cardiff Blues and was part of the Welsh Six Nations Under 20 squad.
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