Sport report: Rubgy

Reports on the latest matches by Russell House players.

U8/9A v Hazelwood: The match was incredibly close with Hazelwood fighting back from 2 tries down. In the second half, each team swapped tries until the final whistle, with Hazelwood finishing one try ahead. Russell House had two disallowed tries for forward passes and we need to make sure we stay behind the ball carrier at all times. Henry and Ash scored 1 try apiece, Hugo scored 2 tries and Oscar scored 3 tries. Edward, James, Noah and Zack all made excellent passes whilst Hugo and I were selected as players of the match. Oscar
U8/9B v Hazelwood: Hazelwood scored 2 tries in the first half. In the first half, Russell House needed to run straight which we did not do. We did do some good passing. In the second half, Russell House got 3 tries and we did some great running straight and really picked our game up. The player of the match is Ash. The final score was 3-3. Amazing fight back from Russell House and overall a great game! Arlo
U10/11A v Hilden Oaks: On Wednesday, the U11 boys went to Hilden Oaks to play a match of touch rugby. It was an exciting match, ending in a victory for Russell House with the scoreline being 11-7 with some fantastic link-up by Henry and some brilliant running from Charlie and William. Well done to all the boys who participated in the match and special mention to Oliver L who stepped up to play for the U11s and Charlie for
being voted by our opponents Hilden Oaks. Thank you to Hilden Oaks for hosting us for a wonderful game. Arthur
U10/11B v Hilden Oaks: The score of the game was 12-3 to Russell House. The try scorers were Felix, who scored 3, Barnaby, who scored 5, and Kamran, who scored 4. Both teams played well, but Russell House were confidently attacking and defending which made it hard for Hidden Oaks to score. Kamran 
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