Sport report: Netball

Reports on the latest matches by Russell House players.

St Michael's U11B Tournament: We played a total of seven matches. First, we played five different matches in the group stages. We won the first three matches, then we drew the next two matches, 2-2. We then went through to the semi-finals and that was a close match against Walthamstow Hall, as when the final whistle blew it was still a 2-2 draw so we had to play on and whoever scored the next goal would go through to the finals. Amazingly, we scored first. After the semi-finals, we went through to the finals. This was against St Michael's, who we had drawn 2-2 with during the group stages. It was a very tough match and St Michael's played very well. We ended up winning 6-3 and so we won the whole tournament. Huge congratulations to the whole team. Maddie & Ella

U10/11A v Radnor House: We won 21-1 and Eva was the player of the match, but we all played very well. We did some excellent shooting, with Connie scoring lots of goals and Eva and Lexi helped a lot with getting the ball to our goal third. We all played really well as a strong team. Connie
U10/11B v Radnor House: The score was 11-6, to us. Grace got player of the match for her amazing interception and passing. Someone else who did incredibly well was Isabelle, who scored 7 of our 11 goals, which is an incredible achievement! Our team played incredibly well, especially when it came to shouting for the ball. Aimee
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