Sport report: Football

Kicking off the sports matches this Autumn Term, players matched against Steephill and Solefield with some of our teams partaking in inter-school games for the first time. Well played all!

U10/11 A v Steephill: Their players seemed to be faster than us and stronger than us. In the first half, Steephill were very strong on attacking and it was hard to tackle them. After half-time, they made the score 2-0 and in the second half we were able to fend of their players and play more as team. In the last 5 minutes, we all started playing our best with Freddie scoring a tap in. Hugo played well in goal in the first half and Ollie did very well as goalkeeper in the second half. My star player was Henry because he got stuck in a lot and made excellent passes. Edward
U10/11 B v Steephill: We kicked off in 3-2-1 formation and managed to assess the team quickly. Some of us, such as Anders and Kamran, were playing in positions that were new to us, such as striker and defence. We scored the first goal of the game, really getting things started. Soon after, we scored again, still with Steephill having many tries at goal. We relied on many brilliant tackles by Harry, as well as a super throw-in from Artie. We scored another goal soon after, with goalkeeper Oliver C making a clever save that tipped the game to come. At half-time, we hadn't let in any shots and were winning by 4 goals. After an in-depth discussion with Mr Trigger and deciding on a new 2-2-2 formation, we headed back in, ready for the final half. The anatomy of our play changed slightly due to different formations, but apart from that little changed. Steephill played well and it was tough to hold them back. Still, we didn't let any goals in and our best strikers, regardless of position, squeezed 2 more goals in before the final whistle was blown. Kamran was made Player of the Match, and finally I would like to say thank you to Mr Trigger for being a brilliant referee. Austin
U8A v Solefield: The game was brilliant and everybody did really well. The passing was outstanding and we got on really well as a team. The final score was 6-0 to Russell House. Euan, William and Harry each scored 2 goals. Euan
U8B v Solefield: The U8B team played very well in our first match of the year. Our team lost 2 - 1. Finlay made some awesome saves, especially his first save. I scored our goal thanks to Freddie, who crossed it to me. Ben made some brilliant tackles, Markus did some fantastic blocks and Lucas got a few good touches. We all felt really excited but nervous at the same time. I think we're all looking forward to the next game. Theo
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