A fire drill with Mr Phil

What a fantastic first week we have all had in Nursery! It's been a very chilly start to the Spring Term, but that hasn't stopped us enjoying playing outside in the crisp winter sunshine!

It is so lovely to welcome everyone into the Nursery class. It has been lovely to hear about all the children's exciting and happy Christmas holidays. The children have been busy learning and playing together through making their own choices in play and activities from painting and play-dough to building some fabulous train tracks and dressing up in favourite costumes.

Mrs Sayers and I have been treated to an array of delicious play-dough cakes and cookies and, of course, we have loved joining in with all the imaginative play with the children.

It is always so lovely to see how the children use the resources. This week we had sorting and pattern making with the coloured vehicles and gemstones. The children decided to make silly soup and porridge with the objects and combined them together in pots asking for spoons to taste the delicious soup! 
Outside, the children were busy sweeping and scooping the small amounts of icy snow left in the garden from Monday by using brooms and spades to scoop into the wheelbarrow. They also found big pieces of ice inside the tyres in the builders' corner and in the buckets next to the sandpit, which they loved exploring.