Autumn landscapes

As the first half term draws to a close, we have been trying to fit in as many fun autumn activities as possible.

We have enjoyed looking at the trees around our classroom and making comments about the changing colour of the leaves. We made our very own autumn trees which we decorated using Lego bricks and paint. The children choose the colours they thought represented autumn leaves best.

Miss Mitchem brought in some pumpkins for us to explore too! After our harvest festival last week, we have shared lots of discussions about harvest and farms. We spoke about the different types of foods farmers might be harvesting and the machines they might use to help them do this effectively. We watched a super video all about a combine harvester and we watched as it helped separate the wheat from the plants. Using our spoons, we scooped out the insides of the pumpkins and collected the pulp and seeds in separate containers. This was quite a tricky job and required lots of strength!

During our autumn walk on the paddock, we went to visit our ever-growing pumpkins which we had planted earlier in the year. Mrs Nelson advised us that soon the frost will come and cause the pumpkins to stop growing! We decided it was time to harvest our very own pumpkins. Luckily, Form 1 were also at The Farm and were able to watch us as we harvested the pumpkins. It was this time last year that some of the Form 1 children actually collected the seeds from pumpkins which we then planted to grow!