Baubles and beads

Christmas has officially arrived in Transition!

We have been having so much fun decorating the classroom this week. Our class tree is up and we had a great time decorating it with baubles, beads, lights and ribbons. Lots of the children were keen to place their bauble at the very top of the tree. This was making the tree a little crowded and so top-heavy that it nearly toppled over. Transition were great at working together to place the baubles in different spots to balance it out. After we had decorated our tree, we thought about how we could decorate the rest of the classroom. We now have tinsel, baubles and paper chains all over the classroom which has been making us feel very festive and jolly.

It was very exciting to arrive at school on Monday to see the role-play corner transformed into an elves' workshop! The children have been busy wrapping presents, writing cards and gift tags to help Father Christmas get ready! It was tricky at first to work out how much wrapping paper to use and then to cut across in a straight line, but the children are really getting the hang of it now. At one point, we even had all the presents loaded onto a sleigh with reindeers ready to take off around the world. What helpful little elves!