Butterflies and other minibeasts

Our topic this week in Robins was minibeasts. 

We started the week with a visit to our pop-up shop in the Old Hall to collect our weekly groceries. On our return, our Nursery friends popped in to show us their beautiful butterflies which we thoroughly enjoyed, especially as they were part of this week’s topic.

The Robins had lots of fun in the Long Garden, playing football with their friends. I must admit, they are also super good at scoring goals!

We received a special parcel which contained a fuzzy friend who wanted to join us for a fun week of activities. The Robins carefully tapped on the box to wake up our friend as his snoring could be heard from inside the case. After everyone had tapped the box, our special friend flew out to say hi. Buzz has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with us and it was great to see the children embracing Buzz as part of our topic. He had lots of fun driving around the chalk road with the children and was also pushed around in the pram.  

On Tuesday, we made a large focaccia bread. The children picked rosemary from our Herb Garden and then popped it on top of their dough. They also helped to dab oil to keep the bread moist whilst cooking. We were so thrilled with our bread that we wanted to show the end result to Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy.

Our planter is looking very colourful. It is great to see lots of flowers appearing on the strawberry plants and fingers crossed we might also spot some flowers on our tomato plants soon. Let’s hope the cheeky snails do not eat them this time as they enjoyed eating our broad beans.

Lots of fun was had adding minibeasts to play-dough and there were some interesting grasshopper cakes. The children also added buttons to make the cakes extra colourful.

The Robins were able to identify a variety of minibeasts during our Talk for Learning activities. We also looked at a beautiful poster from Wildlife Watch and it was lovely to look at the different species of butterfly. We also spotted some butterflies on our adventures around the school grounds. However, we were unable to identify them as they flew past. 







This week’s cooking activities consisted of bread, upside down pineapple cake (hive) and chocolate chip muffins. The children enjoyed adding pineapple rings to our glass dish and it slightly resembled a hive. There was lots of mathematical language used and the Robins were able to identify which object was the biggest and smallest

Following on with our topic, we spoke about symmetry and colour. The children made some beautiful butterflies using a variety of summer coloured paints. One of our Robins mixed blue and yellow together to make green. Great work!

Tummy Time activities were enjoyed by all as we made marks whilst listening to nature. It was wonderful to hear the sounds of a variety of birds and we even heard chiffchaffs, great tits and wrens. We also noticed a blue tit on our bird feeding station but sadly it looked a little unkempt. This is because the parent birds focus on feeding their young, and they neglect their own grooming.  It’s great helping nature with our delicious seed and suet treats… lucky birds!

We hope you enjoyed the Pre-Prep Coffee Morning. The children did a fantastic job and music is a fond favourite of ours.

We look forward to our next topics which are 30 Days Wild and Child Safety. We have a special package to open from The Wildlife Trust on our return. Perhaps your child would like to bring in something linked to our topics. Have a lovely half-term break and fingers crossed for some sunnier and warmer weather on our return. 


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