Changes over time

Form 1 started the week by enjoying the Form 4 and Form 5 dress rehearsals.

The children absolutely loved the plays and we were all very impressed with how well the children performed. They thought the songs, in particular, were wonderful! Mr McCarthy commented on what a fantastic audience Pre-Prep were, listening well and clapping at all the right parts.

On Tuesday, Form 1 started their science experiment for Science Week. This year the theme is Time so we set up an experiment to see what would happen to slices of apple over a period of time. The children predicted the changes they might see as they drew on their previous experiences of how food can go mouldy and spoil. We watched a video to learn all about mould and how it grows on food. The children found out that mould ideally needs warm conditions, a food source and moisture.

We sliced the apple into quarters and placed them in four separate glass ramekins of the same size. We added lemon juice to the first apple slice, vinegar to the second, salty water to the third and we left the fourth one exposed to the air.  The children made predictions about what might happen and were able to say why they thought this using what they had learnt about mould. The children asked if we could add another apple slice to the fridge to see if the temperature made a difference (they were certain that it would!) The children have monitored the apple slices over the week to notice any changes.

Form 1’s topic for this week also links with Science Week, as the children are learning about changes over time in nature, in particular; the amazing life-cycle of frogs. The children were fascinated whilst watching a timelapse video showing the metamorphosis from tadpoles, to froglets and, finally, to frogs. The children loved making their own pond outside and creating a habitat for our little plastic frogs to live in. The children used bubble wrap to make frogspawn and then added rocks and shells for the frogs to sit on.







In literacy, the children have been writing about each stage of the frog's life-cycle using our special sequencing words; first, next, then and finally. The children thought of their own sentences and listened carefully to hear all the sounds in the words they wanted to write. They also drew the different stages of a frog's life-cycle, looking carefully at the photographs and drawing what they could see.

In maths this week, the children have been learning all about repeating patterns and 2D shapes. The children made their patterns using all sorts of resources, such as shells, Lego, coloured pegs in boards, gems and, of course, 2D shapes. The children learnt that they needed to ensure their pattern repeated and some were able to make patterns containing up to 5 different elements!

The children also explored 2D shapes and they became experts at naming and describing each shape. We focused on the number of corners and sides as well as the length and the shape of each side. Using lolly sticks, the children made their own 2D shapes and then explained the features of the shape they had made.

This week, Form 1 also enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and they were all very pleased with their yummy chocolate eggs. The children would like to say another big thank you to the RHPA for organising such a lovely activity for them.


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