Coffee, tea and hot chocolate

We have had so much fun this week listening to our story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and exploring tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar lumps!

We started the week by using our senses to explore the coffee, tea and hot chocolate and combining them together to make some delicious drinks for myself and Mrs Sayers! The children used scissors to cut open the teabags and tip the different flavoured tea into cups and thought about what flavour the tea was. Sugar lumps were added with so lots of pots being filled to see how many cubes would fit in.
The play-dough was squished, squashed and shaped into cupcakes for the tiger to enjoy and the children looked at the different shapes they could make with the cutters. A circle, star and teddy shapes were used to make delicious butter or jam sandwiches, which we hope that you enjoyed at home. The children were very good at using the knives to spread the butter and jam and, of course, they all loved tasting the leftovers afterwards.
Some lovely collages were made by carefully cutting around the pictures of the Tiger Who Came to Tea and then sticking them onto paper. There was some super retelling of the story as the children looked at the sequence of the pictures. 
There was great teamwork to complete the puzzle from the Tiger who Came to Tea story sack, with lots of lovely sharing and looking at the pattern and shapes to complete the puzzle. 
Our Pre- Prep assembly this week was on Thursday and it was lovely to see our Special Leaf being awarded for great sharing and turn taking with the sand timers to share the bikes in the garden - we are super proud of seeing such kind sharing with friends.
The children had to think about what they would like to have at a tea party and they drew some lovely pictures of cupcakes, sandwiches, apple juice and even some custard. There were jammy dodgers and biscuits with sprinkles as well as a boat and train cake!
The children used more fabulous thinking skills when they were trying to melt the ice to find the tiny dinosaurs inside. They used their hands, metal spoons, warm water and even their teeth to try and break the ice. The children worked so hard and managed to free all the dinosaurs and we listened to the children telling us which dinosaurs were which and even whether they were carnivores or herbivores. There was water everywhere, so there was a lot of mopping up and drying of jumpers!
Finally, the children have been busy getting some special surprises ready for their lovely mummies. We are looking forward to Book Week next week, story time with Mr McCarthy and dressing up for World Book Day. It would be lovely if the children could bring in their favourite story from home for us to share together.
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