Countdown to Christmas

This week in Form 1, the children have been very excited about starting the countdown to Christmas!

On Monday the children were surprised to have a visit from a Christmas elf named Jingles. He arrived covered in magical glitter with some treats for the children which made everyone smile. The children were excited to fold down their advent calendar triangles and start working out how many sleeps until the big day! We then had the treat of watching Form 3’s dress rehearsal, which was just wonderful and made everyone feel very festive. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed their last swimming lesson for the term, playing lots of fun games with their instructors, splashing and racing each other across the pool!

On Tuesday, the children enjoyed watching the Russell Robins and Nursery dress rehearsals in the morning, and then it was their turn to perform their Christmas production for Pre-Prep and the Main School. The children did a wonderful job remembering their lines and all the actions to the songs. It really warmed the children up for the real thing on Wednesday! In the afternoon, they made Christmas cards of their favourite Christmas characters. The children worked independently and created cards that are as unique as them. They look really lovely and the children are excited about taking them home.

On Wednesday, it was the day of Form 1’s production of The Christmas Story. Getting into their costumes and finding their place on the stage was very exciting and the children loved performing for their families, singing the songs brilliantly and saying their lines as loudly as they could. We were very proud of them! The children have been busy in the afternoons sewing their felt Christmas decorations, playing in the Elf Workshop building all sorts of things and setting up dens on the carpet to read and play in. 

Please see our Facebook Page for more photographs of the performance.

Watching Form 2 on Thursday was a real treat and the children enjoyed the songs and jokes very much. They certainly are a great audience! Putting their literacy skills to good use, the children wrote letters to Father Christmas telling him how good they have been and they listed the presents they would like this year.

A busy but festive week in Form 1!


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