Dear Greenpeace

Form 2 have learnt about money, Greenpeace and technology this week.

In maths this week, the children have been busy counting money and finding different ways to get different amounts to 20 pence. They also had to buy items from a shop with the correct money. It was a lot of fun counting all the coins and estimating how much money was in each pile.

During English, the children are writing a letter to Greenpeace to ask them to help save the planet. The children had many different ideas and they thought people should be fined if they did not reuse, recycle or reduce their waste. The class also wrote some great facts about elephants or tigers.

During computing, the children logged on and played maths games. They had to enter their password and go into Google classroom. Well done, Form 2.

During science, they completed their bar charts showing favourite smells in Form 2. Some children constructed a chart to show different eye colour too. 

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