Doctors and dentists

In Form 1 this week we have been continuing our topic all about people who help us and focused on doctors and dentists.

The children were delighted to find their roleplay area had turned into a doctor's surgery! Everyone has had lots of fun dressing up in the doctor's coat, putting on gloves and looking after patients. There was also a reception area where children took phone calls and booked appointments.

To learn more about the importance of looking after our teeth the children conducted an experiment. Using eggs (as they are a similar material to teeth) we covered one in toothpaste and one we left without. We placed the eggs in some cola soda and did the same with another two eggs in coffee. We are waiting to see what happens!

In maths, the children have been exploring the concept of more, less and equal. The children were very confident to talk about groups in this way and this led on to discussing the difference between two amounts. There was a competitive tower building game that got the children thinking about how many more they would need to be the winner and also noticing by how many the other team were winning by. The children then moved onto one more and one less which they explored using number lines.

Linking with our healthy teeth and bones work, the children designed their own fruity milkshakes in literacy. Using the book ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’ by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett the children were inspired to choose lots of yummy fruit to add to their milkshakes. They used their phonics to hear sounds in words and write the ingredients they would need. On Thursday, the children prepared their fruit and added milk to the blender to create their milkshakes.