Elmer the colourful elephant

Goodness we have all had such a busy week in Nursery with Elmer the Elephant, Chinese New Year celebrations and lots of love for Valentine's Day!

The children showed amazing listening and focus skills by threading the string through the holes to make their very own Elmer elephant. It was very tricky to follow the holes and the up and down movements through the holes making sure none of them were missed out. We were very impressed by the concentration and remembering to pull the string through each time.
The children had lots of fun finding different patterns on the square shapes to create their very own mosaic initial of their name. We referred to the patterns on Elmer's friends in the story who created their own patterns on Elmer's Day from spotty to stripey and, of course, the heart pattern was very appropriate for our Valentine's Day celebrations this week!
Colours were explored with curiosity and enjoyment when the children used the water and food colour to create different colours with the pipettes. There was a lot of squeezing the coloured water into jugs and pots. trying hard not to squirt each other! This activity along with exploring the chalks, acrylics and the pastels created very colourful hands and fingers which we hope wasn't too hard to remove from the children's hands!
Cars were rolled into lots of different colours of paint to create marks, patterns and tracks with the wheels. It was great to see so much creativity going on this week.
We loved celebrating Chinese New Year by making some super colourful dragons which were designed and made by Mrs Sayers. The children loved exploring the red rice, golden coins and the red and gold sparkly pom poms to fill empty bowls. We also looked at the Chinese numbers to see how they were different to the numbers we usually look at. The children also had a go at their own Chinese writing. Again, looking at the differences between the letters we see in stories and the writing with the words GONG XI FA CHAI written in Chinese.