Elvis (the elf) is in the building

Our topics this week in Robins were St Andrew’s Day and Trees. 

On Monday, we collected our shopping from Mrs Tickner and the Robins did such a fantastic job of carrying their heavy bags all the way back to class… even through the rain. We had a discussion about all the different fruits and vegetables, along with counting and identifying the various colours.

Mrs Tickner shared some special news with us. Postman Pat delivered a very special envelope early that morning. The Robins were super excited about the special post as it was a letter from our old friend Elvis the Elf.

After collecting our special news, we ventured through the woods, having lots of fun in the leaves along the way. This was very tiring, so a warming hot chocolate was needed to warm all our tummies. Everyone remembered to say please and thank you, which was great and all the children enjoyed a top-up.

The Robins had lots of fun making playdough with Mrs Sexton on Tuesday and there were some special ingredients, such as glitter (for an extra sparkle) and cinnamon. It made our class smell very Christmassy!