Environmentally friendly

Well done to all the children in Form 6 for their extra efforts in being as environmentally friendly as possible this week.

We had lots of children who walked to school on Wednesday and it was lovely to hear that so many children enjoyed a Meat-free Monday too. The vegetable pasta and macaroni cheese certainly looked delicious at lunchtime!
In PSHE, the children have continued their learning about drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, and this week they worked in groups to look at how different types of drugs affect the human body in the short-term and the long-term and the law surrounding the use and possession of drugs. The children studied a specific drug in their groups and they then had to present their chosen facts to the rest of the class.
In gymnastics, it has been wonderful to see the children working so hard to learn new skills. This week, we focused on backward rolls, including backward rolls to straddle and to handstand. Lots of children have continued to develop their vaulting skills, as well as their cartwheels and handstands. Well done, Form 6!
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