Facts and figures

This week the children have been writing about how they planted their cress seeds using time connectives.

When the cress starts to grow they have to be responsible and care for their own cress. The children also enjoyed the Perform workshop for Book Week.

The children enjoyed making their animal PowerPoint by inserting pictures, a background colour and writing text during their computer lesson.

During humanities, we have been learning about Africa. The children learnt many facts about Africa and recorded them on a fact sheet.












In science, the children had to identify different materials that are most suitable to be waterproof. They had to test different materials using a pipette to drop a certain quantity of water on them. The groups had to decide the best material for their teddy to wear to keep dry.

They enjoyed acting out different jobs to the class during PSHE. The children had to brainstorm different jobs to earn money.

In maths, the children have been working on consolidating place value using hundreds, tens and ones. They are using digits to add and subtract using fact families to 100. They continue to consolidate their times tables.


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