Family trees

In humanities, Form 6 has been learning about the Stuarts and how King James VI became King of England and thus becoming King James I. They studied the Royal Family tree, during this fascinating time of British history, to see how James became heir to the throne. For homework, the children were tasked with investigating and creating their own family trees to share with the class. This resulted in some brilliant homework. 

On Thursday, we celebrated Modern Foreign Languages Day and we kicked off the day with all the class saying hello or good morning in the language of their chosen country. We had children dressed up to represent: China, Mongolia, France, Spain, Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, South Africa, Germany and America. Well done for all the effort that went into the wonderful costumes.
During their French lesson, the children looked to see if they could recognise any patterns in different languages and they completed a language treasure hunt in Spanish, French and German. At lunch, the children were treated to some delicious food from a variety of different countries. A huge well done to the children who took part in the special assembly on Thursday.
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