Friendship soup forever

For English, Form 2 presented their assembly about Australia to Main School. They performed a short story called Tiddalick.






The children spoke clearly and confidently. They also enjoyed acting out how to care for their pet. They had to act out walking, feeding and grooming their pet. They found it a lot of fun being a pet dog in Form 2 and they wrote many instructions using modal verbs on caring for their pet.













In maths, Form 2 are using the 100 square and learning to add and subtract multiples of 10. The children have been adding using a number line and learning the column addition method. They have also been adding 3 digits using their number bonds.

They have also made a Friendship soup where they added kindness, love, hugs, laughter and fun. They enjoyed making the soup and Form 2 have decided to keep the soup in Form 2 forever!

During humanities, the children were talking about how to recycle, reuse and reduce waste from their homes and in school.

In science, the children are exploring using the equipment to measure their results. They completed an investigation using stopwatches.

The children had to time how long it takes for water to go through a cup. Form 2 enjoyed estimating the results. Well done, Form 2.

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