From giants to monsters

We have gone from giants in Nursery last week to monsters this week!





The children have loved listening to our story about the monster coming to eat us, especially when he is going to cover us in ketchup and squish us between hot buttered toast. Thankfully, in the end he just wanted to give us all a great big kiss! We have a Nursery monster who has been busy kissing all the children and, luckily, not eating them. We have enjoyed other monster stories such as ‘iPip and Posy and the Scary Monster, You’re not so Scary Sid and We're Going to find a Monster. It has been delightful to see the children reading the books independently and to each other.

There has been lots of fun exploring the spaghetti to find little monsters hiding using the tongs and the tweezers, with the children showing great control squeezing them together to pick up the slimy monster spaghetti! There was more monster slime fun in the gloop when the children were hiding the little monsters inside pots and covering them in gloop.

Using different 2D shapes, the children made their own monster collage with some great thinking about which shapes to use; circles and googly eyes for the monsters' eyes and ovals for their noses. The children named their monsters. Some were named after members of their families which, of course, everyone found hilarious!

Still on the monster theme, the children were excited to choose different media for their very own monster sock puppets. Each monster puppet has googly eyes, a pom pom nose and ears made of felt or feathers, woolly hair and different coloured teeth. They were very patient, waiting while Mrs Sayers used the hot glue gun to stick the items to the sock. One monster even painted his own picture.


On Friday last week, we were amazed to find that three of our butterflies had hatched from their cocoons. We watched them spread out their wings as they were very crumpled after being squashed inside the cocoons. We went to find flowers from around the school to place inside the net along with a tiny lid of water and sugar. When we arrived on Monday, the other two butterflies had hatched and the others were flying happily around the net, so we took them to visit Form 2, Mrs Tickner, Mr McCarthy, Form 1, Transition and Robins, who were all very excited to see the butterflies as they were still tiny caterpillars when they last saw them when we did our Pre-Prep Assembly. Form 1 and Form 2 had some great name ideas for the butterflies including; Eric, Terry, Star, Buttercup and Rainbow which we thought would be perfect! We found the perfect place to release them; on a school bench which has butterfly etchings on it. The butterflies needed a little coaxing to fly from their net so Mrs Sayers and I gently helped them out. Three flew away happily and one seemed to like my flowery shirt as it stayed on there for quite a while before moving on my hand and flying away. The last one wasn’t too keen on leaving us quite yet.

Mrs Sayers has been busy creating a fantastic new display board in our foyer with a new Learning and Growing Together Tree and rearranging the photos of the children’s learning in Nursery. It looks amazing and the children love seeing their special leaves and photos on the tree. There is a photo of our new display and also one of the giant cookie we made last week.

The children have been doing super listening to Mr Trigger and Mrs Curling in our practices for our Sports Day which is coming up soon after half term! They are all really enjoying the races with super running and moving in different ways and watching Form 1 and Transition doing their races too.

As I write this on Thursday we are all very excited to show our musical listening skills with Ms Norford for our Pre-Prep Coffee tomorrow morning, which I am sure you will all enjoy.

We wish you all a very happy half-term holiday and fingers crossed for some lovely sunny weather!


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