Getting to know you

It has been lovely this week to give a very warm welcome back to school to all Transition children and say a special hello to the new children who had their first week in Transition this week!

Tuesday was a very exciting day as we were back in school and the children particularly enjoyed being in their summer uniforms. We started the day off with a lovely circle time hearing all about the children’s holidays. It sounds like everyone has been very busy getting up to some wonderful activities and adventures. We also had a think as a class about the expectations at different times of the day in Transition such as circle times, quiet activity times, play times and tidy-up times. The children had lots of fantastic ideas about how we can work as a team to make sure that everyone feels happy and can learn in the best way in Transition.

We did a really fun getting to know you activity. Each of the children had a clipboard and had to tick off different things when they had found someone in the class who fit that statement. Some of the things they were looking for were; someone who plays football, someone who doesn’t like chocolate, someone who has been on an aeroplane. The children were brilliant at asking each other questions and had lots of fun finding out new things about their friends.

Our letter sound this week was z which is quite a tricky sound! We had to think especially hard but came up with zoo, Zachary, zip, zebra and zipline. I was so impressed with the efforts made by all children to have a try at the letter sound sheet that we completed after our carpet time. The classroom was full of concentration and all children showed fantastic perseverance!

We have made lots of time for some free play time in Transition this week which has been a lovely way to get to know the new children and their individual interests. The classroom and outdoor area has been full of dressing up, potion making, constructions, mud kitchen recipes, spring paintings and lots of laughter!

We finished the week off with a lovely Springtime walk, looking for signs of spring around the Russell House grounds and ticking them off our checklists. We are very excited to do lots more outdoor activities as (hopefully) the brighter and warmer summer weather rolls in!

I have been blown away by how well all the children have settled back into the routines of school this week and it has been wonderful to see the existing Transition children helping the new children settle in. I look forward to a very exciting Summer Term together!


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