Imagine if...

The children drew and presented a funny poem, called Imagine if… Working in pairs, they were extremely creative and Form 2 had great ideas.

The children planted some cress seeds in cups and they have a huge responsibility to look after their cress all by themselves. They then wrote instructions on how to plant cress seeds.

Form 2 worked extremely hard on using their column addition and subtraction method. They had to look at the sign very carefully to see if they were adding or subtracting. Amazing perseverance! They continue to consolidate their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

During PHSE, the class discussed the value of money and how one can purchase items. The class had a very interesting discussion about how they would save their money and where a safe place might be.

In science, the children enjoyed a digital task looking at labelling a room. They had to decide what the different materials were in the room. This proved to be a tricky task which encouraged a lot of discussion.

In the humanities, children are learning about different countries around the world. They learnt about the different continents and enjoyed looking at the atlases.







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