Knights and nobility

This week in Form 1, the children have enjoyed learning all about castles!

On Monday, we watched some interesting video clips about different features of a castle. The children learnt lots of new vocabulary, such as battlements, drawbridge, keep moat, portcullis and bailey. The children also learnt about what life was like as a knight and a noble person. It was exciting to learn how different life was then and what a castle would have looked like inside. We all decided that it would be quite fun to live in a castle, but that we much prefer the toilets that we have now! We have also looked closely at different types of castles and had fun building our own castles using wooden blocks and different shaped pieces of card. The children added strong walls, drawbridges and turrets.

Everyone had a fantastic swimming lesson on Monday afternoon and enjoyed playing a variety of games to support their skills and confidence. To name a few of the favourite activities; collecting all the floating teddy bears as quickly as possible, playing sinkers (trying to retrieve the objects from the bottom of the pool) and jumping in from the side.

During our literacy session on Tuesday, we read the book SHHH! by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton. This is a really fun lift-the-flap book all about an adventure in a giant’s castle. The children loved the exciting story and so we decided to make our own version of the book. Everyone wrote their own page and added a scary picture and hid it under a flap to accompany their sentence. Form 1’s story had a T-rex, a cat, a turtle, a rat and lots of giants in it! We enjoyed reading it during snack time.

On Wednesday in maths, we learnt all about doubles.