Listening ladybirds

It’s been another busy fun-packed week in Nursery busy learning all about holidays and ladybirds.

What the ladybird Heard on Holiday is one of our favourite stories and, of course, we have been reading the other books about the clever little ladybird who always has such great ideas. The children always love to hear about what the two baddies, Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, are going to be up to and what will end up happening, with hilarious consequences!

The children designed some beautiful ladybirds made from clay. They squished and squashed the clay into an oval shape and then painted it red and black for the spots. They carefully counted out the correct amount of legs and listened carefully to put three on each side of the ladybird's body, before adding sparkly antennae, googly eyes and glitter. We are now waiting for them to dry and we will be showing them in our Pre-Prep Assembly in a couple of weeks' time. More ladybirds were made by pressing a potato masher dipped in red paint onto paper and then adding legs and more googly eyes to create a ladybird collage for their Special Books.

The children were very careful whilst using the pens to draw over the lines which the ladybird had made on the paper to make the letters o and e’ There was great discussion about who had one of these letters in their name and if there were any words which began with these letter sounds, which was quite tricky!

As it has finally been a lovely week full of sunshine, the children made some beautiful bright sunshine collages which are looking fantastic in the Nursery class to brighten everyone's day.

There has been a lot of lovely imaginative play hiding the ladybirds in the shells, glittery sand and pebbles to make homes for the ladybirds. The children loved making lemon and lime drinks in the garden by carefully pouring water into tiny tea cups and squeezing the juice for myself and Mrs Sayers to enjoy! There were plenty of trips to the bathroom to fill the jugs with water from the taps.

It was a big surprise to see a pirate coming to school on Monday with an eye patch and a sword so there was lots of fun playing with the pirate ships, pirates and, of course, lots of treasure in the sand, shells and pebbles in the garden. There was fabulous imaginative play and lots of arghhhhs and ahoys from the pirates!

The special leaf this week was given for trying hard with writing, so another special time for us in Pre- Prep Assembly.

The children are practising hard for sports day, with ots of good listening and very fast running, throwing, rolling and balancing with various equipment and lots of encouragement to stay on the correct running track! There has also been lots of practising for our songs for the Pre-Prep celebration. so if you hear any new songs they may well be the ones you will hear on the day.

We are looking forward to our visit to Otford library next week, so we will pack our bag with the books and head off on Tuesday morning. There is also a special day coming up for all you lovely daddies so some secret projects will be going on in Nursery as well as a visit to the Fathers Day stall.

Have a lovely weekend - fingers crossed for the sunshine to stay!


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