Little box, big box, listening box

It's been another very busy week in Nursery and the children have had lots of fun listening to the story Big Box, Little Box and they are amazing at retelling the story, using descriptive language and anticipating what happens next to the cat!

There were lovely models created using the junk boxes, including a Bat Mobile and a cat from the story. The children then chose to make a fire engine with the big boxes which Mr Phil had got from Sainsbury's. There was fantastic collaboration and team work and lots and lots of sticky tape to attach the boxes for the wheels, steering wheel and the siren! The children understood how to use the Sellotape dispenser safely to cut the right lengths of tape, although there was sticky tape everywhere! The children have had lots of fun being firefighters in the fire engine and it was admired by all of Pre-prep and Mr McCarthy in our assembly this week. 
The children were fantastic at ordering the letters of their names into a box for their Special Books. They carefully looked at their name card to see which letter came next. We also played the Listening Box game which was great fun choosing our favourite items from the box and listening to the initial sounds of the words and, of course, making the sounds too, so lots of roaring and brumming noises!
When the children were stacking the boxes in order of size to make them balance, there was a lot of great thinking and sorting going on to ensure the tower was stable.
It was our turn to do Pre-Prep Assembly this week and we chose to show some of our favourite stories to everyone. There was a catch, though, as we all had clues to show the children and they had to guess which story it was! There was amazing guessing from everyone and the Nursery children were very excited when they revealed the books. We also showed our fire engine and the children retold the story of Big Box, Little Box which everyone loves just as much as we do! 
Our Special Leaf this week was for always arriving at school with a big smile. Long tracks for the trains have been constructed and there was great involvement with the cardboard tube, by racing different cars down the tube to see which one was the fastest. We sang The Bluebird at my Window in music, with the children taking turns to make a window with their arms. We have been practising our activity for the Coffee Morning too! 
Next week will all be about numbers as we read our story None the Number.
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