Mythical creatures

Our topic this week in Robins was Mythical Creatures (dragons, fairies, mermaids and unicorns). 

We started the week with our sparkly activities. The children enjoyed adding sparkles and shinies to their magical fairies. There were also some cheeky fairies and unicorns in the sensory gloopy tray. Lots of fun was had exploring the textures and using spoons and forks to free the trapped creatures.

Snack time was very special. The mermaid tablecloth made our snack extra magical and the children enjoyed spotting lots of shells and sea animals. It's great to see how much our Robins enjoy trying lots of fruit and vegetables and they are very good at peeling their bananas. There were two robins (the feathery kind) that landed on our feeding station, so they also enjoyed a snack!

This week’s cooking activities consisted of mermaid cakes, fairy mousse and a huge unicorn bundt cake. Lots of sprinkles were added, along with delicious melted white chocolate. We made a cake delivery to Mrs Tickner, Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy. They were all thrilled with their cake and commented on the beautiful toppings. Mrs Curtis was also very impressed with our baking and decorating skills.

We practised our circle relay for next week’s Coffee Morning and the Robins enjoyed using a character from Paw Patrol as it was much more fun!

There has been lots of bird activity on our feeding station and it has been wonderful to watch the birds. We noticed two robins eating together, so they might be a pair. It would be lovely to see some juvenile robins on our feeders during the nesting season.

It was our turn to host the Pre-Prep assembly this week and I must say how proud I am of all our Robins. Their confidence shone through and it was lovely to see the children display their wonderful artwork. Pre-Prep enjoyed listening to our amazing bird facts and each class answered a question during our quiz. The children liked listening to the birdsongs so perhaps they might be able to identify some birds in their gardens. Following on from our assembly, one of the Form 1 children told me that he is looking forward to the weekend as he is going to the woods to look for birds.