Our environment

This week’s topic in Russell Robins was Environmental Awareness

We started the week with a shopping visit to the Sainsbury’s pop-up shop in the Old Hall. We spoke about all the different types of fruit and vegetables and, of course, not wanting to miss a learning opportunity, we counted the peppers. The Robins then popped all our weekly shopping into strong reusable bags.

On our return to class, the children had lots of fun sorting pom-poms into the correct coloured bowl. Interestingly, inside the tray was a base layer made from recycled materials.







Continuing with our topic, we watched a video on the CTOUCH and took part in a discussion about which objects could be recycled. We paused the video and sorted the objects into the correct bin, which consisted of recycling and waste. The Robins did a great job, so hopefully you could continue this at home and perhaps ask your child to help. Thank you for sending in empty cereal boxes. The children enjoyed using these in their imaginary play in the home corner. They made cups of tea and crunchy cereal for breakfast.

This week we scrimbled to music whilst kneeling on the floor. Lots of fun was then had, peeling stickers to add onto the roll of paper. The Robins enjoyed showing all their Pre-Prep friends during this week’s assembly, as it was our turn to host. Mrs Saviou and I were extremely proud of how well the children stood and showed everyone their artwork. We hosted a quiz and then finished with the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear whilst also shaking our bells. It was wonderful to see how well the older children remembered the story as they were able to remember the animals.







Our cooking activities consisted of bread rolls and sweet cinnamon banana cake. There were a couple of bruised bananas, so rather than wasting them, we used them to make our yummy cake. It is important to reduce food waste, so this was the perfect way to find a use for the squishy fruit.

Some of our Robins made fabulous pictures using tissue paper. They were able to add glue to the pictures and then add tissue paper to make it extra colourful.

As an extension activity, we sorted a pile of rubbish into two groups and the children were then able to further sort the recycled objects into plastic, tin and paper. Excellent sorting, Robins!

We love nothing more than to explore the great outdoors, so we popped on some special blue gloves and collected rubbish from around the school grounds. I can conclude that we did not find much rubbish which is great. The Robins thought it was great fun wearing their special rubbish picking gloves. We were quite tired and thirsty after our walk, so we enjoyed a hot chocolate and biscuit on the bench, whilst watching Form 2 and Form 3 make their way to the school field.

Next week’s topic is People Who Help Us and Wellbeing Week. Perhaps your child would like to bring in something linked to our topic.  


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